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Siskiyou Community Services Council

The Siskiyou Community Services Council (SCSC) is working in partnership with the Siskiyou Healthcare Collaborative (SHC) and is comprised of county agencies, local community health centers, tribal clinics, behavioral health providers, hospitals, and a Medi-Cal managed care plan. The collaborative is focused on increasing community knowledge of available behavioral health resources, training teams and physicians on best practices, and improving care coordination between and among multiple providers.

The collaborative may serve as a resource to others interested in pursuing similar work as it continues to develop expertise in these areas:

Identifying pilot sites to test new integration and resource-sharing models between clinical and community providers

Developing strategies to more effectively engage local family services, schools and law enforcement in addressing behavioral health


Hosting community-wide trainings on techniques like motivational interviewing that bring together health care, family services, and law enforcement

Establishing a comprehensive web-based system with information on all existing providers in the region [links to draft]


Pursing a universal release-of-information policy and agreed upon referral protocols

Documenting and mapping current referral pathways across partner agencies

Conducting a community capacity assessment and participating in the Dashboard Learning Community Cluster as a contributing thought partner


Lead Contacts:

Lisa McCauley, Siskiyou Community Services Council,

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