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Sharing Data to Coordinate Care

Primary care, mental health, and substance use providers must be able to share data in order to provide safe, effective, patient-centered care. Many patients recognize that this is important too. However, privacy laws differ among providers, with substance use treatment having the most restrictions. Despite these challenges, providers in local communities are finding ways to share data while remaining in compliance with the law. For example, many of the partners involved in this initiative developed universal release-of-information consent forms for patients that are helping to pave the way for better and more coordinated care. They then use this information to do a better job of managing referrals and transitions of care across providers. 


In addition to providers sharing patient data to support good clinical practice, health plans and counties are also beginning to share data to better manage population health. Both levels of data sharing are needed to transform care for patients and systems.

Partners leading this work across California include:


Merced County Department of Public Health

Transitions Mental Health Association

Siskiyou Community Services Council


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