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Health Improvement Partnership of Santa Cruz County, Inc.

Health Improvement Partnership of Santa Cruz County, Inc. (HIP) has developed the Integrated Behavioral Health Action Coalition - a partnership between primary care, mental health, and substance use providers, as well as local hospitals and county agencies and health plans. The group works to achieve an integrative and inclusive system of whole person care with a “no wrong door” approach. Coalition members agree that they need to know the “doors” for care and coordinate care across them to achieve this worthy goal. Through robust and sustained participation in coalition meetings, members have formed relationships, deepened their understanding of community resources, and are able to work together to close gaps in care.  

The collaborative may serve as a resource to others interested in pursuing similar work as it continues to develop expertise in these areas:

A web-based directory of local behavioral health services and providers


Training staff in safety new clinics and hospitals on SUD Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral for Treatment (SBIRT) using an innovative software program called Kognito. Trainings include Conducting Screening & Brief Interventions for Substance Use and Mental Health In Primary Care and Conducting Substance Use Screening, Brief Intervention and Referrals

Implementing a "Behavioral Health Transitions Pilot" between a hospital and a substance-use-treatment provider to identify patients with co-occurring disorders and enhance linkages to community-based behavioral health services

Gaining consensus among stakeholders on a set of countywide metrics for measuring their progress in advancing behavioral health integration and improving patient experience, and participation in the Dashboard Learning Community Cluster


Lead Contacts:

Shelly Barker, Health Improvement Partnership of Santa Cruz County, Inc.,

Elisa Orona, Health Improvement Partnership of Santa Cruz County, Inc.,

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