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Public Health Enterprises, Inc.

(formerly Local Initiative Health Authority for Los Angeles County)

Public Health Enterprises, Inc. supports the Los Angeles County collaborative comprised of county agencies (mental health, public health, and health services), health plans, the community clinic consortium, and a Medi-Cal managed care plan. This collaborative has focused its efforts on system-level planning and policy changes that are needed to better serve vulnerable populations, such individuals struggling with homelessness or transitioning back into the community post-incarceration.

The collaborative may serve as a resource to others interested in pursuing similar work as it continues to develop expertise in these areas:

Bringing together safety net health system leaders to develop a shared vision for integrated care for vulnerable adult populations

Data collection and asset mapping at the neighborhood level to identify opportunities for new or stronger provider collaborations


Data exchange between health plans and county behavioral health agencies to support identification and care coordination for shared vulnerable clients

Understanding opportunities and barriers to improving care coordination and cross-sector collaboration for homeless populations

Use of community health workers to support patient transitions from incarceration into the community

Developing new infrastructure and programs to address social determinants of health as part of the Whole Person Care pilot program


Gaining consensus among stakeholders on a set of countywide metrics for measuring their progress in advancing behavioral health integration and improving patient experiences, and participating Dashboard Learning Community Cluster

Lead Contacts:

Alison Klurfeld, L.A. Care Health Plan,

Jessica Jew, L.A. Care Health Plan,

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