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Alameda County Healthcare Services Agency

This collaborative is comprised of county agencies, the local Community Health Center Network, the public hospital system, as well as its Medi-Cal managed care plan and its behavioral health physicians workgroup. Together, these partners are leading primary care and behavioral health integration in Alameda County, with a particular focus on improving collaboration between and among county mental health and primary care providers, particularly Federally Qualified Health Centers.

The collaborative may serve as a resource to others interested in pursuing similar work as it continues to develop expertise in these areas:

Data sharing protocols between county mental health and primary care providers

Psychotropic medication prescribing guidelines for primary care providers


A county psychiatrist "circuit rider" consultation program that works with primary care providers in Federally Qualified Health Centers

Primary care physician and nurse practitioner participation in a "Train New Trainers (TNT)" Primary Care Psychiatry Fellowship led by UC Davis

Provider training on medication-assisted treatment and other prescribing guidelines

Micro-doc: Leading the Way in Behavioral Healthcare


Lead Contacts:

Aaron Chapman, Alameda County Healthcare Services Agency,

Freddie Smith, Alameda County Healthcare Services Agency,

Saleena Gupte, Alameda Health Consortium,

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